Types of Metal Fabrications

 Selecting the metal fabrication method suited to a given project depends on the geometric shape of the piece, the product’s intended purpose and the materials employed in crafting it. Common metal fabrication methods are the following:



Casting is when hot metal is poured into a mold or a die and allowed to cool and harden to shapes that are desired. The metal manufacturing process is suitable for the mass production of components with reuse of the same mold to create identical products. There are various kinds of casting. Die-casting occurs when liquid metal is pushed into a die instead of mold, and the pressure is applied to keep it in place until it hardens. This method is renowned for the high-speed applications it is able to support. The process involves pouring the melting metal into a mold.

There are several kinds of casting techniques. In certain instances it is necessary to use a vacuum utilized in this method. Permanent mold casting may result in strong castings than the die casting, however they can be difficult to remove from the final product. Therefore, semi-permanent mold casts are also available. They have cores that can be expended which makes them easier to manage and less expensive to clean. The final casting method is Sand casting. Castings made using sand are created by pressing patterns into an extremely fine mix of sand. This creates a mold for the hot metal to be poured into. This process is slow but is generally more economical than other forms of casting. It is also good to employ for intricate designs, or for large metal fabrication.


The most common form of Metal Fabricating Manufacturing is the cutting of a workpiece to break it up into smaller sections. While sawing is considered to be the oldest method of cutting, modern techniques include laser cutting, waterjet cutting, power cutters, and plasma cutting. There are numerous cutting methods, from the manual and power tools to computer numerical computer (CNC) cutting machines. Cutting might be the primary phase of a long manufacturing process, or it could be the sole process used.

Die cutting is another cutting procedure that makes use of a die to slice metal. Rotary die cutting utilizes a spinning cylindrical die to cut the metal that is fed through an iron. Flatbed cutting is employed on more thick metal materials. It uses die on a machine to cut out shapes while the die presses on the metal.


Drawing utilizes tensile force in order to draw metal into and through a tapered. The die can stretch the metal into a smaller shape. Drawing usually takes place at room temperature, and is called cold drawing, but the metal workpiece is able to be heated to lower the force.

It is known as deep drawing when the finished item has a thickness that is at or above its radius. It is usually used with the sheet metal fabrication to convert sheet metal into hollow circular or boxes-shaped vessels.


The metal fabrication process is achieved by manipulating metal to bend at an angle. The most common means is to use a brake press that causes creases to the metal by pinching it. The workpiece is placed between a punch and an die and is then it is forced to fold under force from the press. This is usually done to shape sheet metal. The process of folding can be performed by hammering the workpiece until it bends, or by using a folding machine that is also known as the word “folder. The machine is made up of a flat, smooth surface where the flat sheet metal is put, a clamping rod that secures the piece in the right position, and an entrance panel that lifts up and then forces the metal that is stretched over it to be bent.


Forging is the process of using compressive force to shape metal. A hammer or a die is struck the workpiece until the ideal shape has been created. This manufacturing process is possible by using the metal when it is at room temperature, and is called cold forging. Forging can also be performed by having the metal heated to a range of temperatures that are above or below the recrystallization temperature and is then called warm forging. In the event that it is the metal can be heated at the temperature of recrystallization that is different for each metal the metal, the process is called hot forging. Forging is among the oldest types of metal fabrication, with blacksmiths using forging many centuries ago.


With the extrusion manufacturing process, the workpiece is then pushed through an closed or open die. If it is forced through an opening or closed die it is the case that the size of the workpiece shrinks to match the cross-sectional size of the die. When a die is pressed there is a hollow space created inside the workpiece. Both of these processes generally use a metal cylindrical or slug (a billet) as the workpiece and a ram that performs the impact operation. The resulting product is often wiring or piping. Die cross-sections can take diverse shapes to create different formed components. Extrusion may be continuous to make very long pieces or semi-continuous in order to make shorter pieces.

Also known as cold extrusion impact extrusion takes place at room temperature and enhances its strength product which makes it more durable than the original material. When enough forces are applied to proper metal, it starts to flow into the available shape, much like the motion of viscous fluid. Cold extrusion is often used for the steel metal fabrication.

Hot extrusion is done at a higher temperature to prevent the metal from hardening and facilitate the process of pushing in the die. It’s typically used for copper fabrication, as well as to design customized aluminum parts.


The metal manufacturing technique, also referred to as machining, is the method of creating metal by removing unwanted material from it. The process can be carried out using a variety of methods. There are several different machines, such as turning, drilling milling, and turning.

Drilling uses a rotary cutting tool that is called the drill bit to make a cut in the material. The drill bit presses against the metal while being rotated very rapidly to create an annular hole.

A lathe is used to turn around the metal in a cut tool operates in a linear direction to cut away metal along the diameter of the cylindrical form. The cutting tool is adjusted to create various shapes. It can be done manually or using an CNC turning machine. CNC machining is typically used for parts that require measurements to be exact.

Milling uses rotating multi-point cutting tools to gradually remove material from the workpiece until the desired shape is reached. The metal is slowly introduced into the cutting tool rotating, as well as the cutting tool moves across the stationary metal and the entire workpiece and the tool are moved relative to one another. This can be accomplished by hand or using the aid of a CNC milling machine. Milling is usually a second or finishing process, but it can also be the sole method of metal fabrication from start to the end. Milling methods includes face milling, angular milling, climb milling, and form milling.

Custom Metal Fabrication: A Summary

This guide will give you a fundamental knowledge the basics of metal fabrication, the many methodsand factors to consider when selecting the right fabricator. For more information on related products, consult our other guides or visit the Super Eagle Supplier Discovery Platform to find potential suppliers or read more about specific products.

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